Directions to flight areas & meeting points

Your guide to the Chiemgau paragliding areas

After your arrival in Chiemgau, the adventure of a lifetime awaits you, the dream destination for paragliders. With a tandem paragliding flight, we not only offer you spectacular views of the Chiemgau Alps, but also an incomparable feeling of freedom. Here, surrounded by the impressive landscape of Lake Chiemsee, an adventure awaits you that will broaden your horizons and offer incomparable impressions. With the experience of our tandem pilots, you have the chance to discover the unique landscape of the Chiemgau Alps from a bird’s eye view and experience a feeling of real freedom. Experience the fascination of paragliding in one of Bavaria’s most beautiful vacation regions.

Paragliding tandem flight in the heart of Chiemgau

The Chiemgau vacation region in the Alps with the respective paragliding areas is located in the south of Bavaria between Munich – Salzburg or Rosenheim – Kufstein. There are many ways to get to the Chiemgau flying areas. Whether by public transport or by car, the Chiemgau is very easy and uncomplicated to reach.

To help you find your way around, the best starting point for our flying areas is Prien am Chiemsee. From there you have many opportunities to travel to our tandem flight areas by public transport.

To make your day perfect, remember to be at the agreed meeting point on time. We make sure that you receive all the information you need for a stress-free journey.

Kampenwand – fantastic view of Lake Chiemsee

For your unforgettable paragliding adventure from the Kampenwand in Aschau, we recommend traveling by car. The good road network guarantees a comfortable drive right into the heart of Chiemgau. Enjoy the impressive scenery along your route and take the opportunity to admire some of the region’s most beautiful vacation destinations – from the glistening Chiemsee to the idyllic Weitseen three-lake area and the picturesque Walchsee in Kaiserwinkl.

Approach to the Kampenwand in Aschau

Meeting point:

Address for navigation: An der Bergbahn 8, 83229 Aschau im Chiemgau – Google Maps.

By highway: The Chiemgau region is easily accessible via the A8 Munich – Salzburg highway. These connections take you right to the heart of your adventure.

There are good parking facilities at Kampenwand Bahn, but these are subject to charges. From there you can start your ascent or take the comfortable ride on the Kampenwand cable car to the take-off point for your flight. Embark on this magnificent natural spectacle and experience a tandem flight adventure from the Kampenwand that you won’t soon forget.

Flying area Samerberg Rosenheim

For your incomparable tandem flight adventure on the Hochries on the Samerberg, traveling by car is the best choice. The Hochries, a jewel in the Upper Bavarian district of Rosenheim, is one of the most popular hang-gliding and paragliding areas in Germany. The outstanding flying conditions here attract enthusiastic flyers from all directions and promise you an unforgettable experience.

Approach to Hochries on the Samerberg

Meeting point:

Address for navigation: Hochriesstraße 80, 83122 Samerberg – Google Maps.

Via the highway: You can leave the A93 at the Nussdorf am Inn exit or head for your destination via the A8 at Achenmühle, Frasdorf.

There are good parking options directly at Hochries Bahn or at the landing site, but these are subject to charges. From there you can start your ascent on foot or take the comfortable ride on the Hochries cable car to the starting points. These magnificent views coupled with excellent thermals make your paragliding flight an extraordinary experience. Get involved in this magnificent natural spectacle and experience a paragliding adventure from the Hochries on the Samerberg, cheers to our Hochries!

The terrace of the Hochfelln

Your journey to an unforgettable panoramic tandem flight on the Hochfelln begins with a relaxed journey by car. This flying area, located in the majestic Chiemgau Alps, promises a first-class flying experience with its unique location south of Bergen and west of Ruhpolding.

Approach to the Hochfelln in Bergen

Meeting point:

Address for navigation: Maria-Eck-Straße 8, 83346 Bergen – Google Maps.

Via the highway: Take the A8 and take the Bergen exit near Siegsdorf to get directly to this spectacular starting point for your adventure.

The meeting point is at the Hochfelln cable car, where you can have a good parking lot directly at the valley station, but there is a charge for this. From there, we take the gondola together to the launch sites on the viewing terrace in Chiemgau. This adventure will turn your paragliding flight experience into an incomparable highlight. Great word of honor!

Unterberghorn at Kaiserwinkl

Prepare yourself for an incomparable flying experience at the Unterberghorn flying area in Kössen, located in the picturesque Kaiserwinkl region in Tyrol. This area is one of the top destinations for paragliding in the Alps, not least because of its safe launch sites, which are ideal for paragliders and hang-gliders in both summer and winter. The excellent flying conditions here make it possible to enjoy hours of thermal flights – a dream for every flying enthusiast!

How to get to the Unterberghorn Kössen

Address for navigation: Thurnbichl 47, 6345 Kössen, Austria – Google Maps.

By highway: Take the A8 via Bernau am Chiemsee or choose the A93 Oberaudorf – Niederndorf for your journey.

The meeting point is at the Unterberghorn cable car where you can have a free parking lot directly at the valley station. From there, we take the gondola up the Unterberghorn to the launch sites. Here you can expect not only excellent thermal conditions for extended flights, but also a backdrop that is second to none.


Charging stations for e-cars in Chiemgau

There are many electric charging stations in the region. Here are various providers such as PlugShare, ChargePoint, Nextcharge, Shell NewMotion or the Bavarian Charging Atlas.

Please note that the availability of charging stations may vary. It is advisable to check the information before your trip to ensure that the data is up to date.

Bus your way to happiness – by bus through Chiemgau!

Local mobility – traveling by public transport

Public transport: The use of bus and train in Chiemgau allows you to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of the region on your journey. Public transportation, including the Rosi Mobil and the Chiemgau Bahn, offer an environmentally friendly and flexible way of getting around. Apps such as Rosi Mobil, Wohin – du – Willst, and the Deutschland Ticket help with planning.

Travel to the flight areas:

Hochfelln: Accessible by bus or train from Bergen.

Kampenwand: Served by RVO, Rosi Mobil, DHV Münchner Bergbus, and the BRB regional train from Prien am Chiemsee to Aschau im Chiemgau.

Hochries: Connection by Rosi Mobil and RVO bus.

Unterberghorn in Kössen: Lines 9505 from Übersee – Marquartstein and 4030 from Kufstein – Kössen.

By bike to the meeting point

Discover the beauty of the Chiemgau on two wheels. In Prien, Bernau, Aschau and the surrounding area, you will find bike rental stations offering a wide range of bikes, from e-bikes to mountain bikes. The flexibility of cycling allows you to explore the landscape at your own pace and actively prepare for paragliding.

No matter which travel option you choose, Chiemgau welcomes you and offers the perfect base for your paragliding adventure. Plan your route carefully, pack enough provisions and look forward to an unforgettable experience in one of Germany’s most beautiful regions.

Cab in Prien am Chiemsee

Prien am Chiemsee, with its picturesque scenery and wide range of leisure activities, is a popular destination for locals and tourists alike. In order to experience the beauty of this region in the best possible way, the local cab companies in Prien am Chiemsee offer numerous advantages. For direct contact, simply click on the desired telephone number.

Taxi Gärtner

Mr. Thorsten Gärtner
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Taxi Schuster

Mr. Alois Schuster
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Taxi Negele

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Taxi Rupp

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Taxi Hötzelsperger

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Bus company Krumrey

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Taxi Gruber

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Taxi Gassenhuber

Mr. Bernd Gassenhuber
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Taxi Werner

Mrs. Gabriele Werner
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Cab rank Prien – Central – (Prien station)

Phone +49 8051 4404

Taxi Arnold

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Meeting point landing site (at the Aschau outdoor pool parking lot)

Bernauer Straße 44, 83229, Aschau im Chiemgau, Germany