Safe to the power of two – safety plus in a tandem flight

Safety Plus in the sky – SIV & Safety Pilot Coaching (S.P.C.) for top pilots

If you decide to take a tandem flight in Chiemgau, you have to trust. The expertise and safety of your TNDM pilot is essential. Our tandem pilots undergo advanced SIV training at renowned flight schools. The Hochries flight school or the Achensee flight school with Stefan Asprion will prepare the pilots for every flight situation.

Advanced pilot training through safety pilot coaching

In addition, the Safety Pilot Coaching (S.P.C.) is carried out exclusively by Heli Schrempf Paragliding and forms the centrepiece of our training courses. Under the S.P.C. The pilots learn to understand flight maneuvers and make them reproducible. You put the theory you have learned into practice and train to handle specific flight conditions and external influences professionally.

What do the specialized flight maneuvers in training include?

Have you ever wondered what makes flight maneuver training so special? As part of the advanced SIV training and Safety Pilot Coaching (S.P.C.), our pilots acquire special techniques. Which ensure maximum safety during your paragliding flight. The maneuvers include the flap, descent maneuvers such as the spiral dive and the rescue throw over the lake. These trainings are designed to prepare pilots to manage critical situations. The ability to control complex flight conditions is improved.

Efficiency and skill – safety on every paragliding flight

Our G-Force Simulator offers a further safety benefit, allowing pilots to get used to the forces that occur during demanding maneuvers. This combination of SIV training at specialised flight schools and intensive safety pilot coaching at Heli Schrempf guarantees that you as a passenger will experience the highest level of safety and an exceptional flying experience. This comprehensive training not only strengthens pilots’ technical skills but also their confidence, which contributes significantly to the safety of every flight.

Excellence in the air: completion of pilot training

Completion of our demanding pilot training programmes makes our tandem pilots experts in airspace safety. Their professional attitude and the self-confidence boosted by the training are transferred to you, the passenger, guaranteeing a relaxed and safety-conscious flying experience. “You will feel the difference” – our commitment from Tandemfliegen Chiemgau and the quality of our tandem pilots guarantee not only safety, but also an exceptional flying experience in Chiemgau. Translated with (free version)

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