Flying procedure – for your perfect tandem flight

Meeting point, preparation and flight – everything you need to know

Here you can get all the important flight information for your dream paragliding flight. From A for arrival to M for meeting point to P for precise landing.

Have you chosen a favorite flying area? Perfect. And we want to offer you an absolutely safe tandem flight experience. This means that we may spontaneously switch to other flying areas if the weather in the planned area does not cooperate. But we’ll let you know in good time.

Book my tandem flight!

Would you like to fly with us, or have you been given a gift voucher for a paragliding flight? Great!

We can quickly arrange a date and meeting point for your tandem flight. Here we go!

Meeting point for your tandem flight

So that you know exactly where to go: Here are the main meeting points for our tandem paragliding flights in the Chiemgau area:

Duration of your flight experience

That depends a bit on your favorite flight. But you should definitely allow 1.5 to 2 hours.

If there are delays – due to weather conditions, for example – we will call you in good time!

Important: If there are longer waiting times at the valley stations, our tandem pilots may skip the queue. However, this does not apply to your companions. Just so that you can plan properly.

Our meeting point at the top of the mountain stations:

Fancy hiking up the mountain by yourself? Or would you like to reach the summit earlier by cable car? No problem, we always meet at the mountain station of the flying mountain. It would be nice if you could let us know in advance so that we can plan well.

Speaking of hiking up: Have you heard about our new tandem mountaineering flight? You can enjoy the wonderful mountain panorama on the ascent before we take off together… Sounds good?

Procedure and preparation

Before we take to the skies with the paraglider, we make a few preparations.

Directions and meeting point:
  • Please take into account the vacation and travel traffic so that we can start as planned.
  • Do you have a voucher? Then please don’t forget to bring it with you!
  • We ask you to always be available by phone before we meet at the agreed meeting point.
  • As described above, we will meet at the valley station of the respective flight mountain
  • Please be there about 15 minutes before the agreed time.
Please be there about 15 minutes before the agreed time.
  • …first there is a clothing check. We check whether your footwear and outfit are suitable for flying.
  • If available, please bring us the signed transportation contract. Otherwise you’ll get it from the pilot.
  • To avoid waiting times at the valley station, we will organize the cable car ticket for you for the ascent. We would be happy to lay it out for you in advance (price: 20 euros). Unless of course you have booked an all-inclusive paragliding flight anyway!

The time has finally come – your tandem flight adventure begins!

Your tandem pilot will get you in the mood for your paragliding flight during the ascent. And answers all your questions. Once you arrive at the launch site, we get ready for take-off in a relaxed manner: the glider is laid out and we carefully adjust the harness and helmet to fit you.

After we have discussed the take-off procedure with you, the pilot will carry out a safety check. He checks the glider again, checks the wind, your harness, your helmet and the free airspace. Because your safety is of course the most important thing.

Then hang on to the umbrella and get ready. When the conditions are ideal, you can have the start command and we set off. 3 – 2 – 1 – and we float away.

… you take a few steps and you can no longer feel the ground under your feet. Exciting, isn’t it! And below you, the fabulous Alps panorama with a view of Lake Chiemsee … simply a dream!


Paragliding Tandemfliegen Chiemgau

Start preparation

Laying out the paraglider and sorting the lines

Take off

After a few steps, we take off with the tandem paraglider and enjoy the world of

Moments of happiness, absolute freedom, adrenaline and panoramic views

Once you have made yourself really comfortable in the harness, your paragliding experience really begins. You are overcome by an indescribable feeling of freedom: The unique feeling of free flight.

We glide silently past rocks and peaks, use the updraft and enjoy the magnificent view over the beautiful countryside and Lake Chiemsee.

Are you ready for aerial maneuvers and even more action? No problem!
Just tell the pilot and he’ll make you whoop!

Unique memories – to make your paragliding flight unforgettable

So that you can proudly present this unique experience to your grandchildren later on, we offer you our practical photo and flight video service: Not only will your loved ones be able to watch your tandem flight live on screen – you’ll also have unique memories for eternity!

Sit back and enjoy your paragliding flight to the full… We take over the camera and take photos and videos of you. With a special GoPro camera and a photo telescopic pole. Of course in HD quality or in 4K on request. After the flight you will receive our Tandemfliegen-Chiemgau-SD-Card (8GB) or transfer it to your cell phone. So that you can proudly share the numerous photos with friends and family!

Landing when paragliding

Even the best tandem flight experience comes to an end. We slowly get ready for the landing approach.

On the way to the landing site, we fly another big circuit in your flying area.

Before landing, the pilot prepares you for the landing phase. By circling for position, we reach the correct altitude and begin our landing approach.

You straighten up and get ready to run. Wir landen sanft und Sie spüren wieder den Boden unter den Füßen. A soft cotton candy landing. Ahhhh ….

Important information for spectators and accompanying persons

How about bringing your loved ones on a paragliding adventure in the Chiemgau?

It’s very simple. All your friends, aunts, uncles, grandmas or kids can experience your tandem flight. The best way to get to the starting point is by cable car. They have the best view there. Straight to your start in the Chiemgau sky. Of course, they are also allowed to film and take photos. If they don’t want to fly themselves, they can take the cable car down to the valley and congratulate you at the landing site!