TNDM – We make your personal flying experience unforgettable!

Pictures and videos that say more than a thousand words

Our gallery of photos and videos captures the unforgettable moments of our guests paragliding in Chiemgau, highlighting the beauty of each flight and the breathtaking scenery. During the flight, our pilots offer an exclusive photo and video service with Gopro cameras to capture every smile and the mountain and lake scenery below you. These vivid memories allow you to share your flying experience with friends and family, captured through the lens of our experienced pilots.

Discover the freedom above the Chiemgau with the TNDM

With tandem flying Chiemgau you can discover the world like a bird from above. We turn your dream of flying in an idyllic region between Munich and Salzburg into reality. The impressive landscape with its glistening lakes, mountains and valleys provides the perfect stage for an unforgettable flying experience. Our tandem flying areas are among the most beautiful in Bavaria. Are you planning a vacation in Chiemgau and looking for the highlight of your trip?

A tandem flight with us offers you the unique opportunity to experience the breathtaking mountain world up close. The top spots such as Aschau on the Kampenwand, Unterberghorn Kössen Tirol near Reit im Winkl, Samerberg Hochries and Bergen near Siegsdorf on the Hochfelln promise long flights with fantastic views from April to October.

Group tandem flight tandem paragliding flight TNDM Tandemfliegen chiemgau
Panorama thermal flight in Bergen Hochfelln
TNDM Tandemfliegen Chiemgau Panorama thermal flight Kampenwand
TNDM Tandemfliegen Chiemgau Action Plus Koessen
Partner Panorama Thermal Flight Plus
Partner Tandem Paragliding with SkyView Photo & Video Service
Chiemgau Action Plus Adrenalin – Tandem Paragliding
TNDM – Start with the pilot on the Kampenwand
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Der Thermikflug Spezial 360 “das maximale Flugerlebnis” im Chiemgau.
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Are you ready to discover the world from the air?

If you have the desire to leave the earth beneath your feet and immerse yourself in an adventure that shows you the beauty of nature from a whole new perspective, then TNDM is the place for you. A flight with us is more than just a trip into the air, it is an invitation to see the world with new eyes and to experience a feeling of freedom that will remain unforgettable.

Let yourself be inspired and let your adventure begin. The sky above Chiemgau is waiting for you.