The most beautiful paragliding areas for your perfect high-altitude flight

Fulfill your dream of flying in one of Bavaria’s most beautiful vacation regions

Are you planning a vacation the in Chiemgau area and still looking for a very special experience? Then you’ve come to the right place. Adrenaline rush, fabulous views, real vertical meters, green meadows, breathtaking mountain panorama.

We offer you the dream scenery you imagine for a paragliding flight. Four flying areas from Chiemgau in Bavaria to Tyrol in Austria invite you to experience the thrill of high altitude for yourself. Our highly trained tandem pilots are waiting for you. Take heart and fulfill your dream of flying …

You can book tandem flights with us at these top locations in the region:

From April to October, we invite you to enjoy long flights with fantastic views of the entire Chiemgau region. Thanks to our selection of beautifully situated flying mountains with launch sites for different wind directions, we guarantee an optimal and safe tandem paragliding experience by flexibly selecting the ideal launch point depending on the weather conditions.

Kampenwand flying area – tandem paragliding with breathtaking views of Lake Chiemsee

Book your tandem flight from the most popular flying mountain in Bavaria

The Kampenwand is probably the best-known mountain for paragliding in Chiemgau. It is located in the tranquil town of Aschau between Munich and Salzburg.

With an altitude of 1669 meters, the imposing rock massif and a unique panoramic view of Lake Chiemsee, this mountain is an absolute favourite destination for paragliders, hikers and climbers. Get your ticket now for your personal panoramic flight from the Kampenwand.

Flying area Samerberg Rosenheim – Tandem flight from theHochries

Panoramic flight from our neighboring mountain in Rosenheim

The Hochries is also a real hotspot for paragliders. The summit towers at 1569 meters. From the train station, you have a fantastic view from Samerberg far into the Inn Valley. But this is just the beginning. As we paraglide through the air together, you can enjoy an impressive view over the Wendelstein as far as Munich. This will make your unforgettable flying experience in Chiemgau area simply perfect.

Flying area Bergen in Chiemgau – Tandem flight from Hochfelln

Pleasure flight from the “viewing terrace” of Chiemgau

The Hochfelln near Bergen is a 1674 m high mountain peak, which is one of the most popular excursion destinations in the Chiemgau Alps with a wonderful panoramic view of the Bavarian Alps and Lake Chiemsee. The Hochfellnhaus is the highest inn in Chiemgau and offers a cozy place to stop off for the whole family.
Above the summit is the Tabor Chapel, which is used for mountain masses and weddings. The difference in altitude on the Hochfelln is approx. 960 m. If you want to enjoy the mountain panorama on the Hochfelln,
then get your tandem flight with us.

Flying area Kössen in Kaiserwinkl – Tandem flight from the Unterberghorn

Your paragliding experience at one of the most famous paragliding spots in Europe

The Kössen flying area in the Kaiserwinkl-Tyrol region is popular with paragliders and hang-gliders all year round. From summer to winter, there are several launch sites available here. The majestic Unterberghorn lies at an altitude of 1773 meters. Its summit can be spotted between the Kaiser and Loferer mountains.

Your highlight: From the Unterberghorn you have a fantastic view of the main Alpine ridge. In the direction of Großvenediger and Großglockner! A view you won’t soon forget – that’s a promise!

The tandem mountaineering flight

Combine your tandem paragliding experience with a wonderful hiking tour

Flying not enough for you? No problem! Instead of taking the gondola, you can also reach our starting points on foot. Depending on your taste, fitness level and mood, you can choose an easy or more challenging tour to the top. And on your beautiful hike, you are guaranteed to pass one of the picturesque alpine huts, which invite you to take a break with delicious delicacies. And your very own personal highlight awaits when you reach the top – your wonderful tandem flight, of course! A dream day for all mountain lovers!