Overcome your limits – fear of heights tandem flight

Tandem flying as a path to being free

Welcome, where not only the skies are conquered, but also fears are overcome and new horizons discovered. Many come with reservations, from a fear of heights to a deep-rooted fear of flying. Here you will find a safe framework to tackle these fears and experience something completely new.

Confront your fears during a tandem flight

It is normal to be nervous before your first flight or even to be afraid of freefall. Uncertainty and scepticism are common before you take the decisive step. But we are here to support you:

Personalised support from experienced pilots: We are trained to respond to your emotions and needs, from tension to panic.

Customisation to your needs: We cater to every gut feeling and help you retain control over the experience.

Step-by-step guidance: from a comfortable walking pace at take-off to relaxed sitting in the harness during the flight – everything is designed to make you feel safe and comfortable.

Discover the advantages of tandem flying

A tandem flight with us is not only an adrenaline rush, but also a therapeutic experience that helps you leave your comfort zone and overcome your fears:

Safety and simplicity in paragliding: no previous experience necessary. You are in the safest of hands and can fully immerse yourself in the experience.

Communication and support with your tandem pilot: We are not only your team pilots, but also your contacts and supporters during the entire flight.

Experience the floating state: Experience the liberating feeling of floating and weightlessness and enjoy the view of the horizon as you leave your fears behind.

Gentle landing: The tandem flight ends with a soft landing, carefully controlled by us to ensure safety and comfort.

Hoehenangst Tandemflug Gleitschirm Paragleiten Flugvorbereitung Passagier Tandemfliegen Paragliding
Hoehenangst Tandemflug Gleitschirm Paragleiten Flugspass Tandemfliegen Flugangst Paragliding

Why tandem flying?

Freedom tandem paragliding: Flying is addictive! The feeling of freedom in the air is unrivalled.

Paragliding adventure: Every flight is an adventure that you can enjoy to the full.

Overcoming tandem flight: A tandem flight not only helps to overcome fear of heights, but also boosts self-confidence and personal growth.

Don’t be afraid of the unknown: Learn to appreciate the unknown and see it as part of an exciting life adventure.

I’m glad I flew: Tandem flying Chiemgau

Are you ready to spread your wings? Book your tandem flight experience in Chiemgau now and overcome your limits. Everyone deserves to see the world from a new perspective in nature and experience the freedom of flying. Let’s take off together and discover the beauty of Chiemgau from above! (Book a flight)

Höhenangst Tandemflug Gleitschirm Paragleiten Glückliche Passagiere Tandemfliegen keine Flugangst
Höhenangst Tandemflug Gleitschirm Paragleiten Thermikflug Panorama Flugangst Tandemfliegen

Guest comments on the tandem flight

We at Tandemfliegen Chiemgau are proud to be a part of our guests’ personal stories of overcoming adversity. Our experience shows that a tandem flight is not only an adventure, but can also be a step towards personal freedom. Here is some real feedback from passengers who have flown with us despite their fear of heights or flying. Here you can find more Google reviews from happy TNDM customers.

What our TNDM guests say:

Christiane M. Juni 2024

Dear TNDM team,
Unfortunately, I can’t tell you what you can do better, because it was perfect! A wonderful and unique experience. Thank you very much!
XX to all those who are still hesitating: If a little “control-hungry” mayoress with a “slight” fear of heights can manage it, you should register immediately…

Best regards

Oliver S. June 2024

Just great and a wonderful experience for my whole life!!!
My pilot Johanna Lanz did a perfect job and I enjoyed every moment. I was very curious myself beforehand as to whether I would get scared or whether I would enjoy it. It’s a great feeling to run towards the abyss at an altitude of over 1600 metres and suddenly take off. Now I know how great a bird must feel and I felt totally relaxed the whole flight…

Questions & answers about safety and fear of heights when paragliding in tandem

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  3. How do the tandem pilots deal with anxious passengers?

You can find the answers and many other questions about tandem paragliding in our FAQs.

Now you are in the mood for a tandem flight?

Book your favorite tandem flight quickly and easy with us! And experience one of the most beautiful adventures of your life. Alone or as a couple. We look forward to seeing you!