Flying area Samerberg Rosenheim – Your tandem flight from the Hochries

Cheers to our Hochries! This fantastic flying site on the Samerberg is located in the Upper Bavarian district of Rosenheim. This fantastic flying site on the Samerberg is located in the Upper Bavarian district of Rosenheim. This is also due to the excellent flying conditions, which attract flyers from near and far – perfect for your tandem adventure!

As soon as you reach the cable car station, you’ll know why the trip to Hochries was worth it: The view from here extends from Samerberg over the Wendelstein and far into the Inn Valley – simply gigantic! Once you reach the summit, you have a wonderful view from 1569 meters over the Chiemsee and the Simssee to the Großglockner. Magnificent views and great thermals will make your paragliding flight a very special experience – that’s a promise!

At a glance:

Our tandem launch sites from the Hochries

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Meeting point and arrival

We meet at the Samerberg valley station near Rosenheim. Info Directions!
Meeting point:

Hochriesstraße 80, 83122 Grainbach-Samerberg (parking lot is subject to charges)

Arrival by car:

Arrival is only possible by car or with the Rosi Mobil. With the Rosi Mobil, you can get a cheap and comfortable ride from the Chiemgau region to the valley station. Please check the service area!

Together we take the Hochriesbahn from the Grainbach valley station in two sections below the summit to the starting points. First take the chairlift across the cow pastures and herb meadows to the middle station, then continue with the gondola.

Launch sites

You can have two launch sites facing north or west, depending on the wind situation we decide on one of the two. The main starting area is flat and can be reached in a few minutes.

Starting position north

At the north launch site, we take off from 1520 meters below the mountain station. From the Hochriesbahn exit, we descend a few meters to the take-off point and reach it in just a few minutes.

Starting position West

From the exit of the Hochries mountain station it is a few minutes’ walk to the west launch site past the summit cross, below the DAV summit house we start at an altitude of 1560 meters.

Altitude difference

The difference in altitude on the Hochries is a whole 900 meters!

Landing site

The landing site is near the Hochriesbahn and only a few minutes away from the starting point.

Booking period

April to October!

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