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Tandemfliegen Chiemgau – Because we love what we do!

Our friendly, experienced and professionally trained tandem pilot team accompanies you from from A like arrival over D like dreamlike flight to S as in soft landing. That’s a promise!

Our paragliding team has been taking all flight enthusiasts up into the air since 2010. With us you will find aviation professionals of the first degree as all of us are state-certified, DHV-licensed, and have years of accident-free flying experience.
We are all passionate paragliders at heart. The Chiemgau region, especially the area around Kampenwand in Aschau, is our home. As paragliding pilots, we love excite you about flying… It’s our dream job!

The most important thing: Your SAFETY

Tandem paragliding is a matter of trust. We are aware of that. Therefore, as professional tandem pilots, your safety is our top priority.

In order to offer you a magnificent, unforgettable, and above all safe flying experience, we also invest a lot of passion and energy into paragliding in our free time.

We are constantly working on our flying technique, whether in safety training, acro-flying, or paragliding in our beloved local mountains.

In addition, our competencies are based on feedback and evaluation discussions. Encouraging self-reflection among our TNDM pilots to recognize weaknesses and strengths is a big plus for your safety.

Therefore, we can claim with a clear conscience that we are absolutely on the cutting edge of paragliding. Besides, we are pretty nice people!

Rainer Fischer

Inspired by the sky, rooted in Chiemgau

  • Paragliding pilot since 1998
  • approx. 2500 paragliding flights
  • Licensed DHV tandem pilot since 2010
  • Regular participation in DHV-certified safety training courses

Rainer, what was the decisive moment that brought you to tandem flying?

My first encounter with the boundless freedom of the sky in 1998 inspired me deeply and led me to tandem flying. It all started with a taster day at the Hochries Flight School.

As Managing Director, how do you share your enthusiasm for paragliding with the community?

By using innovative ideas and marketing strategies to spread the fascination of flying and make Tandem Flying Chiemgau a well-known brand.

What role does safety play in your flights and how do you guarantee it?

Safety is my top priority, ensured by regular participation in safety training and clear communication with passengers.

How do your personal passions, such as skiing, influence your work and vision in tandem flying?

They broaden my perspective and encourage me to offer year-round adventures to combine a passion for flying and winter sports.

Rainer, as a father, how is your family experience reflected in your leadership role at Tandemfliegen Chiemgau?

My role as a father teaches me patience and teamwork, values that I bring to my business to foster a supportive and inspiring community.

Petra Fischer

Inspired by the sky, indispensable on the ground

Petra, how do you use your experience as a paraglider pilot to enrich the experience of the passengers at Tandemfliegen Chiemgau?

I have been flying since 2005 and use this experience to provide passengers with competent advice and make them feel that they are in good hands while I ensure that everything runs smoothly in the background.

How do you manage to effectively support the pilot as team leader and what makes your role so important?

I am always available to meet the organizational requirements and clarify questions, which allows our pilots to concentrate fully on their flights – a key to our shared sense of achievement.

What motivates you to actively fulfill your role in the company and in the flight community?

My drive is that every flight should be unique, and my philosophy of overcoming challenges with a smile helps me to realize this vision.

How do you manage to pass on your enthusiasm for flying to passengers even though you are no longer actively flying yourself?

By sharing my own passion and knowledge, I can inspire our passengers for their own adventure and at the same time give them a sense of security and anticipation.

What personal message would you give to someone experiencing a tandem flight for the first time?

To all those who know how the hare runs – it hops!’ – take the adventure with ease and be open to the joy and freedom that flying brings.

Jonathan Hoss

Fly and let fly – Life is beautiful!

  • Paraglider pilot since 2014
  • Tandem pilot since 2016

Jonathan, how does your experience as one of the longest team members shape your tandem flights?

My many years of experience and training as a flight instructor at the Süddeutsche Flugschule Unterwössen, enrich every tandem flight with safety awareness and educational content to provide not only entertainment, but also knowledge and confidence.

To what extent does your commitment as a flight instructor candidate influence your conversation with passengers?

My commitment as a flight instructor candidate allows me to share the joy of flying and an awareness of safety and appreciation of nature by taking every opportunity to pass on my knowledge.

What does sharing your passion for flying mean to you in your role both as a tandem pilot and as an aspiring flight instructor?

For me, sharing my passion for flying means spreading the love of flying, inspiring and promoting an awareness of nature as a tandem pilot and flight instructor candidate.

Lino Stöckl / Oehl


  • Paraglider pilot since 2006
  • Certified DHV tandem pilot since 2008
  • Approx. 10000 paragliding flights
  • 1st place in the Synchro-Acro World Cup
  • Gliding instructor since 2023

Lino, what influence does your varied flying styles have on your perspective and approach to tandem flying?

My experience in various extreme sports teaches me to respect and enjoy nature from different perspectives. This perspective allows me to create unique tandem flying experiences that combine safety with the thrill of the new.

How does your participation in high-profile competitions and exposure to extreme sports help you build trust and safety with your passengers?

My competitive experience and commitment to the sport prove my ability to act precisely under pressure. This knowledge gives passengers the assurance that they are in trustworthy hands, which strengthens confidence and creates a relaxed atmosphere.

How do you pass on the fascination and experience of gliding and skydiving?

Gliding and skydiving bring with them a deep understanding of air currents and adrenaline rushes. I incorporate these aspects into my tandem flights by combining moments of stillness and freedom while soaring in the air with the exhilarating feeling of freefall to offer a complete flying experience.

Maximilan Rotter

My passion, your tandem flight experience

  • Paraglider pilot since 2016
  • over 2000 paraglider launches
  • State-certified DHV tandem pilot since 2019
  • Cross-country and acro (aerobatics) expert
  • Former Member of the German Paragliding League
  • Theory instructor at the Hochries Flight School

Maxi, how has your versatility in paragliding experience, especially as a flight instructor, shaped tandem flying?

Maxi, how has your versatility in paragliding experience, especially as a flight instructor, shaped tandem flying? I use this experience in tandem flying to combine safety with my personal touch and to pass on my passion for flying responsibly.

As an experienced competition pilot and tactician, how do you integrate this experience into your tandem flights and the preparation of prospective pilots?

My experience as a flight instructor and in acro flying teaches me the importance of precision and safety, which I use in tandem flying to combine these aspects with my personal touch and thus share my passion for flying responsibly.

What motivates you to continuously strive for improvement and how do you share this philosophy with your team and your passengers?

My quest for improvement motivates me to grow personally and inspires me to share this philosophy with my team and passengers.

By being open to feedback discussions and striving for better flying experiences, together we promote learning and safety in paragliding.

Daniela Freutsmiedl

Giving joy

  • Paragliding pilot since 2016
  • State-certified tandem pilot of the DHV
  • over 700 flights per year
  • 2nd place in the overall women’s World Cup
  • 3rd place in the World Cup Synchronized Aerobatics
  • 9th place in the Acro World Qualifier Overall
  • Passionate acrobatic pilot (aerobatics)

Dani, what inspires you to explore the world from a bird’s eye view and how do you share this passion with others?

My fascination for mountains and my special connection to the local mountain Unterberghorn in Kössen inspire me to discover the world from above. I share this passion with others by carrying out over 700 flights a year at Tandemfliegen Chiemgau and thus conveying the joy and freedom of paragliding.

How do you master the challenges of aerobatics, and what successes are particularly important to you?

Aerobatics is where I find my greatest passion and home, and my successes in the World Cup, including the 2nd place overall among the women and the 3rd place in synchronized flight, highlight my commitment and skills and make me particularly proud.

Tandemfliegen Chiemgau and in the AirG Paragliding Family?

My extensive training helps me to combine analytical thinking with empathic sensitivity in order to respond to the needs of both my passengers and my team. This skill enriches my work at Tandemfliegen Chiemgau and in the AirG Paragliding Family by enabling a deeper connection and understanding.

Kilian Hallweger

Competition pilot & safety specialist of the team

  • Certified DHV tandem pilot since in early 2014
  • Approx. 1200 paragliding flights
  • League pilot since 2018
  • 2019 and 2021 as a Red Bull X-Alps supporter.
  • Cross-country and acro (aerobatics) expert
  • Team pilot at Skywalk Pragliders
  • Flight instructor assistant in the flight school Luftikus

Kilian, how do you combine your passions for paragliding and sailing in your role as a tandem pilot?

In my role as a tandem pilot, I merge my passions for flying and sailing to share a deep understanding of the elements of air and water, enriching each flight experience with a unique perspective on natural beauty. This connection allows me to offer passengers an extraordinary and multi-layered experience.

Wie setzen Sie Ihre Fähigkeiten im Akroflug und als Streckenpilot ein, um die Sicherheit und den Spaß Ihrer Passagiere zu erhöhen?

I use my skills in acro flying and as a cross-country pilot to safely master complex maneuvers and react dynamically to changes, increasing both the safety and enjoyment of passengers and providing them with an exciting flying experience.

To what extent does your experience as an xAlps supporter and sailboat captain feed into your work as a teacher and mentor for aspiring pilots?

As an xAlps supporter and sailboat captain, I have learned to value strategic thinking, teamwork and patience. I share these experiences with aspiring pilots to teach them not only technical skills, but also the importance of teamwork and personal development in aviation.

Elisa Deutschmann

Passion and the feeling of flying

  • Paraglider pilot since 2019
  • State-certified DHV tandem pilot since 2023
  • I’ve been doing hike and fly competitions since 2020
  • Team pilot with Skywalk Paragliders

Elisa, how do you integrate your varied interests into tandem flying?

My interests in flying, yoga and design allow me to create unique and enriching flying experiences that combine freedom, balance and creative expression. This synergy leads to innovative concepts such as SOARING & YOGA camps, which make tandem flying in Chiemgau unique.

How does your experience in hike & fly competitions and your work as a yoga teacher contribute to your role as a team pilot?

My experience in hike & fly competitions combined with my role as a yoga instructor enhances both physical and mental preparation, leading to a more conscious and environmentally connected flying experience by integrating these aspects into the flight practice and care of my passengers.

To what extent does your work as a fashion designer and content creator influence your involvement in paragliding and tandem flying in Chiemgau?

My work as a fashion designer and content creator enriches my involvement in paragliding through the ability to aesthetically capture and communicate the beauty and emotionality of flying, sharing the fascination for this sport with a wider audience and creating motivational content.

Siegfried Heinrich

If he's not flying, he's on the water!

  • Paraglider pilot since 2012
  • State-certified tandem pilot of the DHV
  • over 700 flights per year
  • State-licensed certified DHV tandem pilot
  • 3rd place in the World Cup Synchronized Aerobatics
  • 8th place in the Acro World Qualifier Overall
  • Passionate acro pilot (aerobatics)

How do you combine your passions for paragliding and as a brewer, and what does this combination mean?

My combination of paragliding and beer brewing as an expression of art, which requires patience and precision, creates for me a balanced interplay between a thirst for adventure and artisanal creativity. This enriches my life and opens up unique perspectives by uniting two seemingly different worlds in one personal passion.

As an experienced acro pilot, what motivates you and how do these experiences shape your perspective on flying?

Constantly perfecting my acro flying motivates me to continually push my limits and refine my flying skills. These experiences strengthen my respect for the dynamics of the air and further my understanding of the art of flying.

What does the community of paragliding mean to you, and how do you contribute to this community?

The team community means much more to me than just a network, it is full of friendship and support, where I contribute my own experiences and learn so much from other pilots. By actively participating and sharing my stories and insights, I not only grow personally, but also contribute to strengthening togetherness and the love of flying in all of us.

Paul Pichlmaier

Giving joy

  • Paragliding pilot since 1992
  • Countless paragliding & tandem flights
  • Certified DHV tandem pilot since 1997
  • Regular participation in DHV certified safety trainings

Paul, do you combine your paragliding experience with your other activities?

My enthusiasm for paragliding blends seamlessly with my other passions such as mountaineering, kiting and biking, giving me a wide range of experiences in nature. This versatile combination keeps my thirst for adventure alive, motivates me to continuously improve myself and drives me to always seek out new challenges.

After so many years, what still motivates you to enjoy paragliding and experience new adventures?

The incomparable beauty of nature from the air and the joy of my passengers motivate me time and again to push my limits and seek out new adventures. This constant renewal of fascination and the sharing of my experiences drive me to grow in my passion.

How do you manage to combine tandem flying with your responsibilities as a family man?

Thanks to the strong support and understanding of my family, I am able to combine my passion for tandem flying with my duties as a father. This support encourages me daily to grow in my role as a pilot while remaining a present and caring father, making our family bond even stronger through our shared adventures.

Simon Schnittker

Flight instructor and the perfectionist in our team

  • Paragliding pilot since 2002
  • Approx. 2500 paragliding flights
  • Certified DHV tandem pilot since in early 2014
  • Regular participation in DHV certified safety trainings

Simon, you have completed over 2500 flights. What drives you to keep taking to the skies?

Every flight offers me a unique experience and the feeling of freedom, which motivates me to always strive for perfection in my flying technique and to keep my passion for flying alive

As a flight instructor assistant and tandem pilot, you attach great importance to safety and further training. How do you convey these values to prospective pilots and passengers?”

Safety and continuous education are essential to me; I instill these values through hands-on demonstrations and an emphasis on safety protocols to ensure a safe and enriching flying experience.

The combination of your roles at Tandem Flying Chiemgau shows your versatile skills, how does your experience and approach to paragliding enrich you?

My experiences in various roles broaden my understanding and enhance my paragliding skills, allowing me to develop innovative teaching methods and share my passion in a variety of ways.

Wolfi Marxt

Flight instructor and technical specialist of the team

  • Licensed DHV paragliding pilot since 1988
  • Certified DHV tandem pilot since 1997
  • Approx. 5000 paragliding flights
  • Flight instructor and safety trainer since 1999

Wolfi, how has your passion for paragliding developed since 1988 and what continues to motivate you?

My passion for paragliding deepened from pure enthusiasm to a genuine appreciation of the art of flying and closeness to nature, with the sharing of my knowledge constantly motivating me.

As an experienced flight instructor and performance trainer, what is your philosophy for teaching budding pilots to fly and developing their skills?

I attach great importance to safety and individual support in order to give aspiring pilots a solid foundation and the joy of flying.

How do you combine your experience in different flying areas with your role as a guide on paragliding trips, and what makes these adventures special for you?”

I use my experience in various flying destinations to create unique travel experiences that combine culture, nature and flying adventures.