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Back to the roots with the Hochries flight school

Back to the roots with the Hochries flight school

Rainer Fischer, Managing Director of TNDM Tandemfliegen Chiemgau

It all started before 1997, when I experienced a paragliding trial day at the Hochries flight school. At that time, I and other curious people were greeted by Helene Maier and Robert Niedereuter. Together we set off to the practice slope in Lauterbach Schaurain. After an initial theoretical briefing and laying out the paraglider, we could hardly imagine actually taking off and flying. But then the moment came: “3, 2, 1, start”. I took off with a short run and my first flight took me about 50 meters. This experience was simply indescribable and we had the chance to repeat this exercise a few more times. That day I realized that I had discovered my passion for paragliding. With “back to the roots” I would like to recommend that you try an introductory course yourself.

What can you expect from a paragliding trial day with Hochries Flight School?

At the beginning you will receive information about the aircraft. After just one hour you will learn to sort the lines, lay out the umbrella, put on the harness and hook yourself up. This is followed by the first winding, running and steering exercises. With a little skill, you might be able to take off for the first time after just 1.5 hours and glide down the practice slope – of course always protected by radio support from our qualified flight instructors.

We provide the equipment – all you need to bring with you are ankle-supporting shoes, a good mood and the course fee, which we will credit to you in full when you book a basic or complete course.

What does the trial day include?

  • Theoretical instruction
  • Laying out the paraglider
  • Take-off preparations (sorting lines, pre-flight check, etc.)
  • Controlling the paraglider
  • The first flight from the 50m slope – if not possible on that day – can be rescheduled free of charge
  • Supervision by flight instructors

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