General questions about tandem flights with TNDM


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We have our own signature with a young, active and friendly team. Safety, fun and the joy of flying are our top priorities! Your individual needs are our focus from start to finish. Our time, which we are happy to take for you and your experience, is the PLUS factor for you.

In addition to our basic paragliding tandem flights, we also offer our tandem flight all-inclusive packages. The all-inclusive package includes the ascent and the photo & video service. So it’s all in one price. This will give your recipient an all-round carefree flying experience at no extra cost.

No, no previous experience is required for a paragliding tandem flight. Tandem flights are carried out by our experienced paraglider pilots, who control the paraglider and ensure safety. Passengers can simply use the

enjoy the view and experience the adventure without any special training or prior knowledge.

It is important to choose your clothing according to the current weather conditions. In colder months or at higher altitudes, it may be necessary to take additional protection against the cold. The temperatures in the air are several degrees colder than on the ground, partly due to the airstream. We also recommend that you always bring eye protection (sunglasses or ski goggles).

The checklist:
  • Sturdy shoes, such as hiking boots or sports shoes
  • Sunglasses
  • Shorts or long trousers depending on the season
  • windproof jacket (onion principle) is also recommended in summer for thermal/summit flights
  • maybe gloves
  • a buff, tube scarf or our multifunctional scarf protects you from the cold and UV.
  • Helmet: every pilot has one for his guest
  • And the most important thing is: a good mood

Your body weight should be between 35 – 100 kg to be suitable for flying.

You should not be taller than 1.95 m.

Health: The participant must be physically healthy or have no serious health problems. People with cardiovascular diseases, back problems or pregnant women are advised not to take a tandem paragliding flight.

Yes, it is possible to make a paragliding tandem flight with a weight of 110 kg. As a rule, we only fly passengers weighing up to 100 kg. If the weight is higher, please contact us to discuss your request with you personally.

The possibility of taking part in a paragliding tandem flight with a physical or mental disability depends on various factors, such as the type or severity of the disability.

It is important to talk to us directly in advance and openly communicate your specific needs. If in doubt, please also consult your doctor to ensure that the activity is compatible with your particular restriction.

Of course children and teenagers can go tandem paragliding!
If you weigh at least 35 kg and your parents sign a declaration of consent, we will be happy to take you up in the air. From the age of 18, of course, you alone decide whether you want to fly or not.

Our flying areas are all located in the Chiemgau region, within a radius of approx. 20 km and are easy to reach by car. Not every flying mountain in Chiemgau is suitable for every wind direction and weather condition. So that we can offer you a safe date and tandem flight, we fly where it is most suitable. As soon as we have the current weather and wind data, you will usually receive an e-mail or WhatsApp message from us one to two days before your appointment, in which we will inform you of the time and location for the flight area.

Our Chiemgau classic flight with a flight time of 10 – 15 minutes is available from € 140. All other flight types differ in terms of flight route and flight time.

You can find the prices for the respective flight offer here under Prices & Flights.

We are often asked this question, but there is no need to worry.

Most passengers are not free from vertigo and are afraid of heights.

However, this is already forgotten after the start. Sitting comfortably in the harness, the horizon in front of you and suddenly feeling the positive moments. The fear has vanished. If you still have a queasy feeling, we can fly towards the landing site in calm air at any time on request.

All our licensed and certified paraglider tandem pilots have the legally required owner’s liability insurance and passenger liability insurance. Before each flight, a tandem flight transportation contract is filled out in which the passenger confirms that he/she will follow the instructions of our tandem flight pilot and that he/she has been sufficiently informed by the pilot about the tandem flight procedure.

Paragliding tandem flights are generally considered safe, especially when performed by experienced and qualified pilots. However, safety depends on various factors. The pilot’s experience and qualifications are crucial for safety. Licensed and experienced paraglider pilots know the equipment, weather conditions and safety protocols.

The choice of suitable weather conditions is crucial. Strong winds, thunderstorms or

Other extreme weather conditions can increase the risk. The equipment must be checked regularly to comply with safety standards.

Choosing a reputable and well-rated provider can significantly increase security.

Our experienced tandem pilots carry out thorough preparation before every paragliding tandem flight. The current weather conditions are carefully checked, including wind speeds, thermals, cloud formation and other weather parameters, to ensure that the conditions are suitable for the flight.

After each flight, your pilot will ensure that all paragliding equipment such as paraglider, harnesses and other safety-relevant components comply with safety standards.

Our pilots discuss the procedure with the passenger before each flight. The briefing covers the take-off procedure, seating position and other safety measures and basic emergency procedures.

Before each take-off, you can have a safety check to ensure that the passenger is properly connected to the harness and that all straps and buckles are securely fastened. These preparations serve to ensure safety during the paragliding tandem flight and a smooth experience for the passenger. It is important that the passenger communicates openly with the pilot during these preparations and addresses any concerns.

The take-off in tandem paragliding is a crucial phase of the flight and experienced pilots carry it out carefully.What preparations does the pilot make before take-off?


The pilot and passenger position themselves in front of the paraglider. The passenger follows the pilot’s instructions to assume an optimum take-off position.

Before take-off, the pilot gives the passenger brief instructions on how to behave during take-off. This may involve the passenger going with the pilot on command. During the take-off phase, the pilot pulls up the glider and the passenger moves forward. A good start often requires steady running on the slope to generate sufficient lift. As soon as there is sufficient lift, the pilot and passenger take off into the air.

Landing in tandem paragliding is a crucial phase of the flight, and experienced pilots carry it out carefully.

Even the best tandem flight experience comes to an end. We slowly get ready for the landing approach. On the way to the landing site, we fly another big circuit in your flying area. Before landing, the pilot prepares you for the landing phase. We reach the correct altitude by circling for position and then begin the landing approach. There are two landing options for the pilot and passenger, a standing or a seated position. In the seated position, you can remain comfortably seated in the tandem harness. When you land standing up, straighten up and get ready to run. Wir landen sanft und Sie spüren wieder den Boden unter den Füßen. Eine weiche Landung aus Zuckerwatte. Ahhhh ….

During a paragliding tandem flight, the passenger sits in a special passenger harness that is closely connected to that of the pilot. The pilot sits directly behind you and you can talk to him normally during the entire tandem flight.

It is important to follow the pilot’s instructions exactly to ensure safety during the flight. The seating position is designed so that the passenger can fly comfortably and safely while the pilot retains control of the paraglider.

Paragliding tandem flights offer a unique and exciting feeling that many describe as incomparable. Here are some aspects of what it might feel like: when the paraglider rises into the air, you experience a feeling of freedom and lightness. It’s as if you’re floating above the ground. The moment of take-off and the hovering phase often generates a thrill that manifests itself in a feeling of excitement.

Take-off during take-off can be intense. Paragliding tandem flights often offer breathtaking views of the surrounding area. The opportunity to view the landscape from a bird’s eye view can be an impressive experience. Although exciting, paragliding can also be surprisingly calm and relaxing. Once in the air, the flight is often accompanied by an astonishing silence. As you are accompanied on a tandem flight by our experienced TNDM pilots, this can create a great feeling of trust. You can enjoy the flying experience while the pilot takes care of all aspects of the flight.

Payment is only made after the flight has been completed. You can pay your pilot conveniently on site in cash, by card or with PayPal.

No, the ascent ticket must still be purchased at the ticket office of the respective mountain railroad. The price of a ticket is around € 18, depending on the flight area and cable car.

To avoid the crowds at the ticket offices of the cable cars, we have already arranged an uphill ticket for you. If you have booked our all-inclusive tandem flight package, you don’t need to worry about anything else, the ascent ticket and our photo & video service are already included in the flight price.

We offer various tandem flights depending on the flight category with a flight time of 10 to 60 minutes. While a classic flight takes 10 to 15 minutes, a panoramic thermal flight lasts between 15 and 35 minutes. The prerequisites for this are the weather conditions and the personal preferences of our customers.

At our Chiemgau flying areas, such as the Hochfelln, Kampenwand, Hochries and Unterberghorn, flight altitudes of approx. 2500 meters or more are possible.

To experience this flight time and altitude, the best months for the strongest thermals are from May to August, so book a SPECIAL 360 degree thermal flight.

Depending on the wind conditions, speeds of approx. 35-40 km/h are possible with the tandem paraglider.

We would be happy to give you a recommendation, the needs are manifold.

That’s why you are best advised to contact our Chiemsee Alpenland “Time for vacation” tourist information office.

You can have many attractive alternatives in the Chiemgau, which can be undertaken before or after the tandem flight, e.g: Sightseeing excursions, hiking or mountaineering, culinary delights

In addition, we offer you the opportunity to hike to the launch site yourself, click here for information on the mountaineering flight.

Paragliding is basically possible all year round, provided the weather and flying conditions allow it. We also offer tandem flights in winter, but the scheduling is a little more specialized.

There is no minimum age and no age restriction. Only all requirements for a tandem flight should be fulfilled. (weight, height, state of health)

If you didn’t book a photo & video service when you made your booking, no problem.

Ask your pilot, he always has a GoPro in his luggage. It records your tandem flight experience from take-off to landing, and after the flight you can decide whether you want to have the data transferred directly to your cell phone or prefer a memory card.

No, your safety is our top priority. Therefore, for safety and liability reasons, we prohibit filming with a cell phone or action camera.

Your cell phone is then safely stowed in the harness during the tandem flight.

For promotional flights with special camera systems, you can have an exception that requires you to carry them.

When paragliding, you normally take off from a mountain slope or winch and use rising air currents, known as thermals, to stay in the air for longer. Paragliding flights can last for long periods of time, depending on the flight conditions and the updrafts.

In skydiving, the jump is usually made from an airplane at high altitude. After the jump, the parachute opens and the jumper glides safely to earth. A parachute jump normally only takes a few minutes until the skydiver has landed safely on the ground. If you are also interested in this experience, there is a company near us in St. Johann Tandem Skydive.

Yes, that can and has already happened. Many passengers enjoy the experience without any problems. The reason is often that passengers have a sensitive organ of balance and it affects their stomach. If you feel this, it would be very advisable to let the pilot know early enough so that he can take the right measures. Our pilots are also well prepared for such situations and can handle them well. They have the right spit bags for this, which cannot get lost in the airstream. Of course you feel uncomfortable, but it’s human and there’s nothing to be ashamed of. However, if something should go wrong and the harness gets dirty, the pilot will be charged a cleaning fee of € 50.

Thermals are rising air that is warmer than the surrounding air. The principle is very simple: a darker area on the ground, such as a field or forest, heats up faster than the surrounding area, whereby the sun does not heat the air, but the ground, forests or rocks. We then call the thermal the updraft to achieve longer flight times.

We paragliders have the strongest thermals from April to August due to the longer periods of sunshine and the higher temperature differences. With strong thermals, we can reach altitudes of over 2000 meters and achieve longer flight times of up to 30 – 60 minutes.

There are many ways to get to our flying areas and meeting points, e.g. by plane, car, train, bus or Rosi Mobil.

The easiest and most flexible option is by car, where you can, for example cheap refueling (Austria) or reach another excursion line.

Being on first-name terms creates closeness and makes many things easier and a more relaxed overall experience on the mountain, which is often experienced as positive.

As soon as you don’t like it, we have great empathy and sense it immediately.

We offer you different flight variants of paragliding tandem flights, which differ in terms of flight times.

The Chiemgau Classic Flight – Early Bird with a flight time of 10 – 15 minutes takes place in calm, gentle air.

The panoramic thermal flight with a flight time of 15 – 35 minutes is the most frequently booked flight. It takes place at lunchtime, when the thermals are strong enough and we have the summit flight ahead of us. You can also upgrade this flight to a thermal flight special and extend your flight time.

For those who want to achieve the maximum flight time, we offer the SPECIAL 360 degree thermal flight for Top GUN brave pilots. With a flight time of up to 60 minutes, you can enjoy the magnificent Chiemgau in its full flight time.

Do you have nerves of steel, love riding rollercoasters and are an adrenaline junkie? Here we offer you our Chiemgau Action PLUS tandem flight, so it’s not for the faint-hearted.

We offer you our photo and video service so that you and your loved ones will remember your tandem flight experience for a long time to come. We use the latest GoPro’s so you have the best photo and video quality to share a high quality video. After the flight, you will receive the data on your cell phone or a memory card.