Questions about the location & dates of your tandem flight

Location & Dates

All questions about your appointment booking, reservations, cancelation, meeting point, etc. are displayed here. However, if you don’t get your questions answered about our tandem flight experience, you are welcome to send us an e-mail

You can easily book and reserve your tandem flight appointment with us.

This is the quickest way to find a suitable flight date:
  1. First select your desired tandem flight.
  2. Opt for additional upgrades if you wish.
  3. Let us know on which day you would like to take off with us.
    1. It is best to ask for several days to choose from in case the weather is not suitable.
    2. Requests at short notice are also possible. Please give us one week’s notice for your appointment during the peak season.
  4. Enter your personal data.
    Payment: No prepayment or cancellation fee required!
    If you have not received any feedback from us regarding your appointment request, please also check your spam and advertising folders (e.g. Outlook, GMX, Googlemail, Smartphone.

Once you have made your reservation, you will receive an appointment confirmation with all the information about your booked paragliding flight by e-mail. As soon as we have the current weather and wind data, you will usually receive an e-mail from us one to two days before your desired date, in which we will inform you of the time and meeting point.

In principle, you can fly all year round, weather permitting. Simply let us know your preferred dates for your tandem flight and together we will find the perfect day for you. To experience the best and longest thermals and flight time, the best months for the strongest thermals are from May to August, for which you book a thermal flight SPECIAL 360

→ Our recommendation:

If you suggest a longer period, we can offer you the best flight weather, the best flight date and therefore the longest possible flight time! Please use the field for “Additional message”.

  • How flexible can I book my flight date?

For good scheduling, it would be best if you give us at least one week’s notice.

→ Tip for last-minute guests:

If you want to make a reservation quickly, you can do so simply and directly by e-mail, telephone or WhatsApp: + 49 ( 0) 174 60 44 222.

Paragliding is dependent on the weather. In order to guarantee you a safe tandem flight, we need the right weather conditions. If your appointment has to be canceled due to bad weather, we will work with you to find an alternative date as soon as possible.

It may happen that your flight date has to be canceled due to bad weather. Then you won’t have to pay any cancellation fees!

The voucher will only expire if you fail to keep to an agreed date or if you cancel the flight less than 24 hours before the flight date. The pilot will then charge the full fare. Delays of more than 30 minutes after the agreed flight time are deemed to be non-compliance.

You can always contact us during business hours between 08:00 – 20:00. It can of course happen that we have to call on flight days. are a bit difficult to reach, so please leave us a message via WhatsApp: + 49 ( 0) 174 60 44 222 or e-mail.

As soon as we have the opportunity, we will call you back or you will receive an immediate answer to your question.

As a rule, several pilots from our TNDM team are available at the same time for each appointment and day. To ensure safety, we assign passengers to the respective pilot due to their different weights.

We ask you to be on time. It is best if you are ready to start about 15 minutes before your appointment, with sturdy shoes and the necessary clothing at the meeting point.

If you are traveling by car, please allow for the extended travel time at the weekend & travel traffic!

As a rule, our TNDM pilots are always at the meeting point on time. However, it can happen that the pilot is delayed because, for example, there was a delay in take-off on the previous flight or the previous passenger was delayed. We therefore ask for your understanding and patience. We have not forgotten you. Your pilot will be here soon.

In the flying areas where we fly, there are also tandem pilots who are not part of the TNDM team. You may not recognize your pilot straight away. No problem, make yourself recognizable by holding your TNDM voucher in your hand and waiting at the agreed meeting point. So far we have found all the passengers

The unexpected can always happen. If this should happen, please contact us immediately by SMS or WhatsApp: + 49 ( 0) 174 60 44 222 or e-mail.

We can only offer group flights at weekends in the Kössen Unterberg flying area near Reit im Winkl. The group is limited to max. 8 persons limited. If the number of participants exceeds 4, the groups will be divided into two runs.

It is our conviction that we do not offer a discount on tandem flights, because we attach great importance to the quality of our service.

This includes individual service for every single customer, the highest quality equipment, fun and time spent with you.

Time for a vacation, time for things that take you away from everyday life – that’s what we offer you.

Why not bring your loved ones along on a paragliding adventure in Chiemgau!

It’s very simple. All your friends, aunts, uncles, grandmas or kids can experience your tandem flight. It is best to take the train up to the starting point, taking into account the costs of the ascent and descent. They have the best view there. Straight to your start in the Chiemgau sky. Of course, they are also allowed to film and take photos. If they don’t want to fly themselves, they can take the cable car down to the valley and congratulate you at the landing site!

Oder man wartet im Tal am Landeplatz und wartet bis wir zur Platzrunde ansetzten und schaut sich die Landung an.

Basically, you can choose and book the flight areas we offer.

However, not every flying hill in Chiemgau is suitable for every wind direction and weather condition. In order to offer you a safe and reliable tandem flight, we go where it is most suitable.

In the event of non-compliance with the agreed dates, as well as cancelations less than 24 hours before the flight date, the voucher will expire or the pilot will charge the full flight price. Delays of more than 30 minutes after the agreed flight time are deemed to be non-compliance.

It can always happen that something private or personal comes up.

The appointment confirmation usually always comes two days in advance, here we ask you to inform us of your cancellation within 24 hours before your appointment. Please let us know by SMS or WhatsApp: + 49 ( 0) 174 60 44 222 or e-mail.

Our Chiemgau Classic flight is the Early Bird with a flight time of 10 – 15 minutes. This flight is designed in such a way that we can also offer it if a longer flight time is not possible due to weather conditions or the time of year. Nevertheless, this flight can be booked in the afternoon.

No problem! Instead of taking the gondola, you can also reach our starting points on foot.

Important, please always be reachable by phone! Please let us know again when you confirm your appointment that you would like to hike to the starting point. The ascent time including the break must also be taken into account. Please only bring a small rucksack for a change of clothes and a drink. ‍We come up with the tandem equipment and meet at the top at the agreed meeting point.

We will inform you of the meeting point when you confirm your flight date.

We ask you to be on time. It is best to be at the meeting point about 15 minutes before the appointment, ready to start and with sturdy shoes and the necessary clothing with a wind-stop jacket. We then take the gondola from the meeting point up to the launch site.

As soon as we have the current weather and wind data, you will usually receive an e-mail or WhatsApp message from us one to two days before your appointment, where we will inform you of the time and location for the flight area.

IMPORTANT: The time and location can only be determined after the weather analysis.

Please confirm your tandem flight appointment by e-mail or by message (SMS or WhatsApp) to +49 174 60 44 222!

  • What happens if I forget the voucher on the flight date?

Basically it’s not a problem, we just have an increased workload

Please always be available for us by cell phone so that we can reach you at short notice in case of organizational changes! You will also need your wallet for the purchase of the ascent ticket (except for the All Inclusive voucher), the payment of your tandem flight if you do not have a gift voucher and possibly photo & video service. In the case of a gift voucher, please always bring the voucher with you.

Please wear appropriate clothing. Wind stop jacket and long trousers for UV and wind protection. Headgear, buff/tube scarf or our multifunctional scarf Ankle-high shoes Sports/trail/mountain shoes with a good profile.