Spring tandem flights Romantic marriage proposal

Alpine scenery from a bird's eye view Romantic tandem flights

A marriage proposal over the Chiemgau Alps. In spring the Chiemgau transforms into an impressive stage for paragliding tandem flights. The snow-covered peaks of the Kampenwand in Aschau, the Hochfelln in Bergen, the Hochries on the Samerberg and the Unterberghorn near Kössen in Kaiserwinkl are impressive. They stand in stark contrast to the vibrant green valleys and flowering meadows below.

The backdrop matches the vibrant green valleys and flowering meadows below. Combined with the first warm rays of sunshine and the winter cool, it creates a unique feast for the senses. That you can experience from a bird’s eye view.

High above the peaks: a flight between the seasons

As you glide gently over this contrasting landscape, a breathtaking panorama unfolds below you, marking the transition from winter to spring. Our diverse flight types, from relaxing classic flights to dynamic panoramic thermal flights. We use the rising warm air to give you an extended and impressive flight experience. These moments of freedom in the air provide the perfect setting for a feeling of euphoria and freedom.

Engagement moment: A marriage proposal above the clouds

Paragliding in Chiemgau is particularly attractive for couples when it comes to creating unforgettable experiences together. A marriage proposal during a tandem flight represents a highlight of these romantic experiences. Imagine surprising your partner with a sparkling proposal ring as you float over the picturesque landscape together.

Romantic gestures: bouquet of flowers, champagne and lofty heights

After proposing, you can present your partner with a beautiful Rothers bouquet of flowers, followed by a glass of champagne to toast your future together. These gestures make the moment even more special and unforgettable.

Creating memories: Our photo and video service

Our special tandem flight offers not only include the flight itself, but also the SkyView photo and video service, ensuring you can capture these magical moments and relive them again and again. The combination of the spectacular spring landscape of the Chiemgau and the well-thought-out flight arrangement makes every tandem flight an unforgettable event. Once you experience flying, you will realize that nothing compares to the freedom and beauty of soaring above the earth.

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