Cafe Pauli

Being out with other girls and having fun

In addition to our cozy cafe with a beer garden and panoramic views, Cafe Pauli is a paradise for children. A small animal park with a petting zoo and the playground ensure that the little ones never get bored. The café with panoramic views and a small petting zoo has been a family business since 1946. In addition to coffee, tea and homemade cakes and tarts, the café in Chiemgau also offers fine ice cream specialties and small snacks. The beer garden with a panoramic view of Aschau im Chiemgau invites you to linger. However, the children won’t even get bored here, because in addition to the well-known petting zoo, there is also a not-too-small playground with a large slide, swings and carousel. The small animal park with donkeys, ponies, various ducks and pheasants, as well as a small petting zoo with rabbits and dwarf goats is a true paradise for all children. The children will have fun, because there is a lot to discover in the child-friendly Cafe Pauli.

Cafe Pauli also offers guesthouses and holiday apartments. For more information, call Cafe Pauli on 08051/ 90740