Hike & Fly to Hochgernhaus in Chiemgau

On foot with a paraglider on the Hochgern

At 1,748 m, the Hochgern is an easy and rewarding, most beautiful panoramic mountain south of Lake Chiemsee and perfect for the whole family. We pilots also used the hike as an excursion destination. The wonderful summit view of the Hochgern, the Berchtesgaden Alps, the Loferer and Leoganger Steinberge, the Kaisergebirge and the Hohe Tauern are on a presentation platter.

Wandertour Bergsteiger Tandemflug Chiemgau Paragliding Gleitschirmflug Hochfelln
The climb:

Via various ascent routes, for example. From Marquartstein, you head towards Agerschwendalm, on the ascent route you can also visit the Schnappenkirche.

At the Schnappenkirche there is the first panoramic view of Chiemgau and Lake Chiemsee.

We continue over the Agerschwendalm towards Hochgernhaus, then over the Kar-Eppner-Gedächtnisweg to the last steep climb to the Hochgern summit with the miniature chapel.

With around 2 ½ hours and a height of around 1200 meters to the summit, it is a varied hiking tour


Munich – Salzburg motorway, Bernau exit. Drive via Bernau and Grassau to Marquartstein. In Marquartstein, after a right-left curve, turn left (sign “Parkplatz Hochgern”) and cross the Tiroler Achen. After the bridge, turn right and after the next left bend, leave the priority road and drive straight ahead into Burgstraße. Drive up Burgstraße to the hiking parking spaces at the end of the street and park your car there.

Refreshment options: